La Briscola

Wine bar
Luxembourg, Gare

Briscola is a popular Italian card game. Known from north to south, it has been responsible for breaking long-term friendships as well as bonding the relationship granddad - grandchild even tighter. Briscola is as well synonymous of community. 

La Briscola, in Luxembourg, is a restaurant, straight in front of the central station. The menu satisfy the canons of ‘traditionalism’ that accompany the choice of its name, taking full inspiration from the classical dishes of the Italian cuisine, with a preference for Piedmont and Lazio.

At the same time, the playful spirit prevails in the choice of the 4 young owners to make this trattoria an attractive place for the local community of expats, with a line up of aggregating activities and aperitifs spread along the year.

As 5 are the most important cards of the game, from the 2 points of the woman to the 13 of the ace, the 4 owners have already served (‘calato’) 3 of them, changing 3 chefs since the beginning of the adventure in the search for a more genuine and passionate cuisine: the first one, original at traits but weak in execution, the second one, talented but inconstant, and finally the third one, Alessandro, a humble and young big guy raised in the kitchen of his uncle’s restaurant, ‘jumping’ pasta and frying fish.

Have the four found their ace?

It’s early to say but the homemade gnocchi with truffle-flavored ragout are definitively worth a visit... Even better if followed by some fried squid (the guy knows how to handle hot oil) and the wine recommendations of Andrea.

Opening hours

Monday :
11:30-14:30 17:30-23:30
Tuesday :
11:30-14:30 17:30-23:30
Wednesday :
11:30-14:30 17:30-23:30
Thursday :
11:30-14:30 17:30-23:30
Friday :
11:30-14:30 17:30-23:30
Saturday :
         - 17:30-23:30

General information

Luxembourg (Gare)
14, rue d'Epenay
L-1490 Capitale (Luxembourg)

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    • Good for groups Good for groups
    • Quick lunch Quick lunch
Open today until 23:30

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